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Naples Botanical Garden
Humanizing the Botanical Garden
by Daniel Jost, ASLA
Landscape Architecture,
MAy 2010
The Naples Botanical Garden in southwest Florida is not just a pretty plant museum...
  Bloom On
by Kristy Kiernan
Gulfshore Life,
November 2009
How Brian Holley and his dream team of landscape artists have made the Naples Botanical Garden into a world class delight...
Tremendous Plans
by Shawn Holiday
Naples Illustrated,
October 2008
The vision for the Naples Botanical Garden is so grand, planners have gone to extraordinary efforts to save big trees and plants...
  A Growing Garden
by Harriet Howard Heithaus
Naples Daily News, November 9, 2009
Naples Botanical Garden reopens after 17 months of renovations, making its 70 developed acres the second largest in Florida....
Flower Show
by Chris Wadsworth
Naples Illustrated, November 2009
Soaring palms, twisted gumbo-limbo trees, giant lily pads, waving grasses, waterfalls, lakes and birds..
  Mature trees are taking root at the new Garden
by Carolyn Miller
Florida Weekly, June, 2009
A veritable nursery's worth of mature trees from various locations around Collier County are taking root at the new Naples Botanical Garden...

Naples Botanical Garden Tackles Water Pollution Through Community Education 

by Jennifer Reed, Editorial Director Center for Plant Conservation, September 2021. 

Of all the things you might experience at a botanical garden, you’d hardly think “stormwater management” would rise to the top of anyone’s must-see list... 



Edison Ford Winter Estates
Moonlight to Memories
by Cathy Chestnut
Expressions, April 2005
Mina Edison’s moonlight garden is being restored to its original splendor ...
  Of Gardens and Genius
by Chelle Koster Walton
US Airways, July 2009
Boating down the Caloosahatchee River in 1885, Thomas A. Edison spotted a stand of bamboo on the banks..



Norris Gardens at Palm Cottage
A garden gone by
by Harriet Howard Heithaus
Naples Daily News, March, 2007
A $2.5 million garden project at the city’s oldest home prepares to open to the public



Mediterra - Parque Celestial, Calusa Parks

Clock Celestial
by Ellin Goetz, FASLA
Landscape Architecture, October 2003
A "human sundial" in a Florida park puts a new spin on an old instrument...

  Calusa Play Park unveiled
Naples Daily News, 2003
Plans have been unveiled for an interactive historical play park at Mediterra...



Mackle Park
Mackle Park facelift
Marco Island Eagle,
August 6, 2003
Goetz+Stropes Landscape Architects began work this week on a master renovation plan for the city's largest park..



The Christmas Cottage
by Kathy Becker
Naples Illustrated, December 2008
Larry and Patricia Paolini’s renovation of the Christmas Cottage is the gift that keeps on giving...
  Christmas Cottage
by Terry Pommet
La Vie Claire, Fall 2007
Originally a gift for forgiveness, the Christmas Cottage links Naples' past to its present...


Ellin Goetz has made her mark on Naples
by Georgia Tasker
The Miami Herald,
June 4, 2006
Her reputation has soared because of a commitment to preservation and conservation...
  A Natural Artist
by Brian Tietz
In Good Company, Fall-Winter 2007-2008
Southwest Florida is a canvas for the Naples landscape architect...
Champions of the Environment
by Brian Tietz
Gulfshore Life, 2004
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world...

Planting a Sense of Civic Duty
by Janina Birtolo
Gulfshore Life, December 1998
The landscaping helps establish the street as a place, it provides continuity and gives it structure...

Ecological Beauty
by Cathy Chestnut
Florida Design's Naples Edition
Feb, 2022
Renowned Landscape Architect Ellin Goetz explains how we've come a long way in making smarter plant selections that please the eye and the environment...